#VIDEO: Darude – Sandstorm on Eight Floppy Drives


“The way Sandstorm has penetrated the internet lexicon is fascinating, but it’s not wholly surprising. Darude was one of a few DJs that helped propel dance music – or trance – into a more popular, more commercial era. In a video with deadmau5, the Canadian DJ and producer proclaimed that Darude and others were “responsible for the influx of electronic music” into the US thanks to the popularity of Sandstorm.”

“Darude’s music was also hugely popular amongst gamers at the time. His tracks were frequently used in frag videos for Quake and Counter-Strike and the nostalgic popularity of his music helped fuel his popularity in recent years, with appearances at afterparties for Dota 2’s International and Dreamhack events.”

(Via Kotaku AU: http://bit.ly/2teeKCK)

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