Nuovi mostri e altri extra nel DLC di Shadow of Mordor


Quote from: SlaveX on 27 October 2014, 08:28:15
Dopo 25 ore mi sono deciso a finirlo. Bo, tutta la parte finale mi ha dato l’impressione di "Abbiamo finito tempo e soldi"

Tra i titoli di coda ad un certo punto passa "emmòbastaveramenteperò" :D

Shadow Of Mordor’s New DLC Will Put Monsters On Top Of Other Monsters

Quote from:’s the new kind of orc-killing Middle-Earth fans will get once Shadow of Mordor’s first DLC pack arrives later this year. Known as "Lord of the Hunt," the expansion focuses on building out the chaotic wildlife in Monolith’s excellent new open world game by adding some monsters, a handful of epic runes, and a few extra missions with Torvin, the beefy and ambiguously sexual dwarf hunter players got to meet briefly during the original story.


Il trailer del Season Pass del gioco:


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