Rivelati i primi dettagli della demo di Final Fantasy XV


Il director di Final Fantasy XV, ovvero Hajime Tabata, ha rivelato i primi dettagli sulla demo del gioco.

CitazioneThe demo’s title is Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae with "Duscae" referring to an area within the world.

CitazioneThe demo looks to be about an hour if you use the car and don’t explore. You can either drive the car yourself or have the another party member drive in an auto-pilot mode as you chill out in the backseat. But, the demo might not be driving (or walking) only. "If things progress well, we’ll put in a chocobo. If we don’t have time, we won’t."

CitazioneHowever, if you go on foot and explore the surroundings, you could get between three to four hours of play. According to Tabata, there will be monsters and "maybe a dungeon." There won’t be a boss battle, but Tabata said there would be "something more amazing." According to him, "This is something that Final Fantasy fans will really like." Wonder what that will be…

The download code for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae will be released with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released in March 2015.

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