Ubisoft rettifica: “Non abbiamo abbassato di proposito la qualità del gioco, su nessun sistema”


CitazioneAssassin’s Creed Unity will run at 900p/30fps on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft has confirmed, with the publisher opting to aim for platform parity to avoid discussion over the differences in performance.

"We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff," senior producer Vincent Pontbriand told VideoGamer.com while explaining that it’s the consoles’ CPUs – not the GPU – that prevents Ubisoft Montreal from improving the game’s performance.

Inoltre, enter la nuova scusa per i 30fps: L’INTELLIGENZA ARTIFICIALE.

Citazione"Technically we’re CPU-bound," he said. "The GPUs are really powerful, obviously the graphics look pretty good, but it’s the CPU [that]has to process the AI, the number of NPCs we have on screen, all these systems running in parallel.

"We were quickly bottlenecked by that and it was a bit frustrating, because we thought that this was going to be a tenfold improvement over everything AI-wise, and we realised it was going to be pretty hard. It’s not the number of polygons that affect the framerate. We could be running at 100fps if it was just graphics, but because of AI, we’re still limited to 30 frames per second."

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Ubisoft rettifica: "Non abbiamo abbassato di proposito la qualità del gioco, su nessun sistema".

Citazione"We understand how senior producer Vincent Pontbriand’s’s quotes have been misinterpreted," Ubisoft told us in an emailed statement. "To set the record straight, we did not lower the specs for Assassin’s Creed Unity to account for any one system over the other. Assassin’s Creed Unity has been engineered from the ground up for next-generation consoles. Over the past four years, we have created Assassin’s Creed Unity to attain the tremendous level of quality we have now achieved on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC."


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