Una patch per risolvere i problemi di bande nere e FOV in The Evil Within per PC


Oggi esce The Evil Within, io me lo sono accattato a 30 euri e rotti grazie a Kinguin (hype portami via)…

…e mo l’ho messo a scaricare, così più tardi dopo il lavoro me lo provo magari su Twitch (adoro i piani ben riusciti). Nel frattempo sui forum Bethesda è apparsa una guida per sbloccare il framerate e far andare il gioco a 60fps (o anche oltre).

In pratica basta andare nelle proprietà del gioco in Steam, e nelle opzioni di lancio metterci +com_allowconsole 1.

A quel punto si sblocca la console interna del gioco, alla quale si accede premendo il tasto INS in-game, e nella quale si possono inserire vari comandi, sia per quanto riguarda gli fps, sia per sbloccare diverse modalità di debug (cheat compresi):

QuoteThese are the commands you can use and some notes about each:

R_swapinterval <NUMBER>

Sets the FPS lock. Note that the numbers below are negative.
-2: This is the default, set to 30 FPS. This is the officially supported frame rate
-1: This sets the FPS limit to 60. Fully playable, although there may be quirks (we’re going to fix these).
0: This fully unlocks the FPS. We do not recommend playing above 60. We will not fix any issues above 60.


God mode. You are effectively invincible, and certain enemy kill moves will not be used against you (Laura, for example, will not jump on you)


Allows you to walk through walls


Unlimited ammo (provided you have at least 1 bullet when you enable this)

G_stoptime 1

Stops time. Note there is a bug right now where using this command causes a UI element to appear on screen. We’re looking to fix that in the near future.

Re enable time with g_stoptime 0


Separates the camera from Sebastian so you can freely move around the

R_forceaspectratio <NUMBER>

Sets the aspect ratio. Default is 2.5, which is our official aspect ratio.

0 is full screen, but not ideal. 1.8 or 2 is probably most comfortable for those who don’t want bars.


Turns on id’s native FPS counter


Slows down time


Disables slow motion

Quindi cari amici non ci sarà manco bisogno del Cheat Engine, evvai! :P


Il "trick" diffuso da Bethesda per eliminare le bande nere nel gioco non funziona benissimo, perché in pratica le elimina sì, ma zooma tutta la scena provocando un ulteriore restringimento di un FOV già di per sé non amplissimo.

Ovviamente la community PC ha già provveduto con non una, ma ben due patch, una delle quali in lavorazione, e l’altra invece già disponibile.

Quella ancora in lavorazione è la patch di Hayden:

Quella già disponibile è la patch di ctw0e, pubblicata su neogaffo:

Quest’ultima richiede il mitico Cheat Engine, che si può scaricare qui:

Riporto da NeoGAF:

QuoteEnabling the FOV-fix (via Cheat Engine)

  • Download and install Cheat Engine.
  • Start the game up and alt-tab.
  • Start the Cheat Engine-table you downloaded from here.
  • Click the flashing computer icon in the top left, choose EvilWithin.exe and then click Yes.
  • Check "Enable Gameplay FOV"
  • Go back to the game, use + and – on your numpad to adjust the FOV. The default is 65 I think. Press + key 10 times to achieve 90 (one step is +/- 2.5). Some people prefer 85 because you will be blinded by the lantern with 90. You can see the current FOV-value in Cheat Engine.
  • Enjoy!

It’s possible to make an executable trainer of this Cheat Engine-table to make the process easier (one guy already did, but since a lot of people complained about malware from the site I’m not gonna link it here – if you really want it you can PM me. According to several scans it’s free from malware – it’s the hosting site that is shady)

A complete fix is on the way (with more settings) by Hayden, creator of Flawless Widescreen.

Removing the black bars, skip intro, unlocking framerate, removing filter:

  • First off, create a config.cfg in your C:\Program Files (x86)\The Evil Within\base folder. You can do that by copying any other .cfg file in the same folder, removing everything inside of it and then renaming it to config.cfg. Also, add the line "+exec config.cfg" (without the quotation marks) to your shortcut (like this) or in Steam launch options (right click game -&gt; properties -&gt; set launch options)
  • Removing the black bars: add the line "r_forceaspectratio 0" in config.cfg (only works with 16:9 monitors currently, if you have something else you’ll still have black bars unfortunately, but they’ll still be smaller if you use r_forceaspectratio 0)
  • Skip intro: add the line +com_skipIntroVideo 1 to your shortcut or Steam launch options. Alternatively you can add "+com_skipIntroVideo 1" to your config.cfg
  • Unlocking framerate: add the line "r_swapinterval 0" to completely unlock the framerate with no v-sync. Add r_swapinterval -1 to lock at 60fps if you have a 60Hz monitor. -1=v-sync at your monitor’s refresh rate. 0=completely unlocked, no v-sync. -2=v-sync at half your monitor’s refresh rate.
    There are issues with 60fps at the moment, but they are working on fixing these. Framerates over 60fps is "not supported" and they won’t fix issues with these.
  • Removing the filter: add the line "r_skipglare 1" to your config.cfg
  • Enabling the console: add +com_allowconsole 1 to your shortcut or in Steam launch options


The Evil Within è stato appena aggiornato su Steam, con un update che introduce ufficialmente il supporto ai 60fps e all’eliminazione delle bande nere.

QuoteWith this update, players with high-end PCs will be able to go in to their settings and toggle between running the game with a 30 FPS cap or a 60 FPS cap. Additionally, players will be able to disable the letterbox "black bars" in the game settings — allowing you to maximize your screen’s real estate.

Update Notes

  • Frame lock settings added
  • In settings, you can now toggle between a 30 FPS and 60 FPS cap.
  • Letterbox setting
  • UI toggle to disable the letterbox bars
  • Fixes gameplay issues when running at >30 FPS
  • Fixes for visual issues associated with removing letterbox framing
  • Achievements now work when console is enabled
  • Fix for game starting in windowed mode on first run
  • Minor localization fixes

Non so se senza bande nere il gioco ne esce zoomato (come accadeva rimuovendole dalla console) o se l’inquadratura viene aggiustata di conseguenza. Cerco di provarlo il prima possibile e vi faccio sapere…


Provato ora, i 60fps sono abbastanza instabili (ma magari togliendo antialiasing e robe varie…), mentre il no-letterbox per fortuna non è "zoomato":

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