SNES Mini, l’hardware è lo stesso del NES Mini

L'hardware è lo stesso, ma il software - ovviamente - è profondamente diverso:

"The magic comes from the bespoke Super NES emulation software layer, likely built from the ground up by Nintendo's Paris-based European Research and Development (NERD) team, running on open source OS, Linux. As Digital Foundry recently discussed, the software not only emulates the Super NES itself, but a range of add-on processors specific to select titles, including the Super FX and Super FX2 chips used for Star Fox, its sequel and Yoshi's Island, along with the SA1 CPU upgrade utilised by Super Mario RPG and Kirby Super Star. Even Super Mario Kart used additional hardware - NEC's DSP-1 was present in every cart, faithfully replicated for the mini consoles."

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