#VIDEO: Joseph Anderson – Cuphead – A Modest Tutorial

Joseph Anderson contro i recensori scapocchioni:

"So I'm going to be a massive wimp and ruin 30% of the video by qualifying everything I say."

"1) This is satire."

"2) That controversial Cuphead video was created by someone who doesn't usually review games--although he has in the past, from what I understand he's usually a journalist."

"3) Video game journalists can create great content without playing games at all."

"4) Game reviewers do need to be skilled enough to understand games in order to speak about them."

"5) I'm being a bit of a prick in the video but it's an extreme case of satire for a reason. I think it's alarming that this is even up for debate--whether reviewers should know how to play games."

"6) Nothing about this is political for me."

"7) I probably won't ever do a video like this again outside of some April Fool's stuff. This took me a day to make. It's low effort. Don't expect more like this (I'm sure you won't want it)."


Twitter - https://twitter.com/jph_anderson

Si trova più a suo agio con la roba TECC' :D

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