Every Frame a Painting cessa le pubblicazioni, gli autori spiegano tutto in un post mortem

Uno dei migliori canali YouTube di cinema chiude ufficialmente i battenti, ma non prima che gli autori espongano un po' di dietro le quinte in un ricco post-mortem (che doveva essere un video anch'esso, ma che poi per mancanza di tempo è rimasto in forma scritta).

Interessante come sia stato aggirato il problema dei copyright strike:

"Nearly every stylistic decision you see about the channel — the length of the clips, the number of examples, which studios’ films we chose, the way narration and clip audio weave together, the reordering and flipping of shots, the remixing of 5.1 audio, the rhythm and pacing of the overall video — all of that was reverse-engineered from YouTube’s Copyright ID."

"I spent about a week doing brute force trial-and-error. I would privately upload several different essay clips, then see which got flagged and which didn’t. This gave me a rough idea what the system could detect, and I edited the videos to avoid those potholes."

"So something that was designed to restrict us ended up becoming our style."

Ad ogni modo il canale rimane online e così tutti i suoi video: trovate tutto qui http://bit.ly/2iiNU4G!

Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting – Tony Zhou – Medium

medium.com Every Frame a Painting is officially dead. Nothing sinister; we just decided to end it.

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