#QUOTE: Le pressioni dei publisher ai tempi di Zzap!

"You mentioned that Gary and Julian had a good relationship with software houses. How much pressure did you receive to give good scores to games? RK: Well, there was always pressure. The most naked form of pressure was ‘we won’t advertise unless we get a reasonable review’. I don’t think that happened an awful lot and perhaps more with Crash, in fact, than it did in Zzap!. I know it was cited in Anthony Caulfield’s film [The Newsfield Years], Franco [Frey] saying he certainly came under pressure on the commercial end, but the answer was usually the same. For Crash you couldn’t really go round to a bunch of school kids and say, ‘Your reviews aren’t giving a good enough rating because the advertisers aren’t happy’, because they were school kids; they just weren’t going to bow to that pressure. Even more so with Zzap! because Gary Liddon, Gary Penn and Julian Rignall were just too bolshie to believe that they could be bought or alter their reviews for advertising. The other form of pressure, which was more subtle and sometimes effective beneficially, was that software houses took to coming to Ludlow to preview games and get the guys that were going to review them to say what they thought was good and bad about them. And they’d go away and make alterations based on the recommendations that probably someone like Julian would make. What’s subtle about that, of course, is it starts to build a relationship between reviewer, software house and game that you start feeling, ‘Well, I think I’m going to be just a weenie bit kinder than I might have been.’ I think that probably resulted in some slightly better reviews occasionally, but not very much."

(da "The Commodore 64 Book (English Edition)" di Imagine Publishing) stampa corrotta da sempre!
In realtà la tecnica di far entrare in rapporto sviluppatori e redattori ha sempre funzionato meglio delle minacce, perché effettivamente quando lo sviluppatore riesce a farti assumere il suo punto di vista in modo efficace riesce anche a farti apprezzare di più ciò che ha fatto. A quel punto sta al recensore gestirla con professionalità.

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