Polygon ha scritto quattro articoli in due giorni su Hatred


Non guardate questo trailer se siete sensibili a immagini di VERA violenza gratuita perpetrata contro vittime innocenti:

Hatred è uno shooter isometrico in cui s'interpreta un tizio che ce l'ha con tutto e tutti e vuole solo ammazzare quanta più gente possibile, senza nessuna distinzione, prima di andarsene all'altro mondo.

Epic ha subito preso le distanze dal gioco, fatto con l'Unreal Engine 4, chiedendo agli autori di rimuoverne il logo, di cui avrebbero fatto un uso non autorizzato.

Dietro Hatred c'è un team di polacchi, già responsabili di produzioni come Painkiller: Hell and Damnation e Necrovision, e attualmente al lavoro anche sul prossimo Get Even.

Cosa ne penso? Preso in sé e per sé è un prodotto riprovevole, da condanna morale, per quanto non privo di un certo fascino catartico.

Preso però in un contesto dove ci sono giochi dove si fanno LE STESSE COSE, però mascherate sotto i valori di produzione, l'"ironia" (GTA5 ce l'ho con te), l'amor di patria, le esigenze narrative (vedi la missione No Russians in Call of Duty) e così via, è liberatorio vedere per una volta un titolo che ti dice toh, sei un pezzo di merda e vuoi ammazzare gente, punto, e non c'è ironia/umorismo/trama/narrazione che ti distolga dallo schifo di quello che stai facendo, o che te lo giustifichi.

Poi c'è il punto di vista del marketing, per il quale un misconosciuto studio polacco improvvisamente si trova sulle prime pagine di tutte le testate del mondo, e quindi c'è sempre il sospetto che ci marcino. Ed è un peccato che probabilmente sarà così, dando ragione all'ultraviolenza leccatina dei blockbuster.



Sito ufficiale:

Un'interessante riflessione da /r/games: in breve dice che quello che alcuni (me compreso) hanno detto di Hatred, e cioè che si tratta di ammazzar gente come in tutti gli altri giochi, ma senza giustificazioni morali, non è valido, in quanto comunque la rappresentazione della violenza le dà un tono e un valore diverso, che può andare dall'umorismo (nello sketch dei Monty Python linkato nel post) alla brutalità più pura (nella scena presa da Il labirinto del fauno).


So yesterday a new trailer was released for a game named Hatred, which caused a bit of a stir on /r/games.

If you haven't seen it, you can watch the trailer here, and read about the developers on their website and Facebook page.

People reacted in a lot of ways. People called it immature, bait, needless provocative, unoriginal, a brilliant satire, and an undercover art piece.

Personally, having read the website and Facebook pages, I don't find the 'brilliant satire' argument particularly persuasive. These guys don't profess to have much of an agenda beyond being controversial as far as I can see, but that's not what I'd like to discuss.

A large number of comments compared Hatred to GTA or Prototype and essentially said they were exactly the same thing. For example, near the top someone quotes a Neogaf post which argues:


This is the sort of game most of you will have been playing your entire gaming lives and as many have pointed out, a small reskin, a justifying objective or the dishonest pretense of 'satire' would make it all OK in everyone's eyes. No matter how it turns out, this game looks to be offering exactly what so many other games do but without any excuses to hide behind: murdering people as an accomplishment and source of pleasure. Anyone who has ever played and enjoyed a Rockstar game in particular has absolutely no justification in getting high and mighty over this

However, what this argument and others like it seem to be suggesting is that aesthetics and representation are irrelevant. This position seems to me patently absurd, and I submit that in fact the way in which we choose to represent something is an important and meaningful rhetorical choice. To suggest that making changes to representation as a meaningless 'reskin' flies in the face of our every day experiences.

Let's take cinema for instance.

All of the following links are NSFW by the bye.

Sir Lancelot

Patrick Bateman

Captain Vidal

All three scenes contain excessive violence, but there's a world of difference between the first and the last. In the first, it's entirely played for laughs, and frankly it's hilarious. The second scene (American Psycho for those who haven't seen it) is more ambiguous, there's a dark comedy element, but also a deeper and more disturbing tone present underneath. Finally the last scene is deeply confronting and disturbing, in the callousness and casualness of the killing and the fully realised sense of humanity in the victim.

Now, there are a huge amount of choices that go into every film (and every game) that creates these sensibilities. Choices in lighting, visuals, framing, acting, sound and music, timing, colour and so forth are all crucial to evoking a particular reaction in the audience, from laughter to disgust and horror. This is why we can laugh when innocent, defenceless civilians are stabbed to death in the first scene and be horrified by the killing of innocent civilians in the final scene.

Just for laughs, look what happens when someone who has no fucking clue how to make a film attempts to deal with tragedy.

These choices of representation and aesthetics are just as important and fulfil exactly the same kind of functions within the medium of video games. So while you kill people in GTA, and countless other games, I feel like it's essential to take into account the ways in which those games represent the killing as much as the actual action itself. To be fair, GTA inhabits a space not too far off from American Psycho, there's a dark humour, but also a self aware sense of horror at the violence, and Trevor pretty much embodies that ironic self awareness of the violent, impulsiveness that the game indulges.

Hatred, by contrast, seems to have made a series of choices that make it something different entirely. Indeed, it seems like one of the things that is supposed to be appealing about the game is the way it represents the killings. The developers themselves appeal to this:


We provoke this question using new Unreal Engine 4, pushing its physics (or rather PhysX) systems to the limits and trying to make the visuals as good as possible.

To be frank, if the appeal of the game is in how it takes violence and makes it more realistic, more sadistic and to cast the player not as Sir Lancelot, but as Captain Vidal, then it's not the same thing.

So, what are your thoughts on the importance of representation in video games?

TL;DR – A lot of people have argued that the killing Hatred and the killing GTA V are basically the same. I think this ignores the tremendous importance of representational choices in the two games and that the difference is hugely important. What do you think?


…mah. Alla faccia del topic eticamente complesso, Brù :)

Mi limito a dire la mia: nei giorni in cui ho le palle particolarmente girate, 'na partitina a sto Hatred me la farei pure. Sempre meglio che picchiare la testa sul muro. E poi non è che Kratos fosse meno stronzo di 'sto tipo qua, alla fine, e quel gioco ha venduto triliardi di copie…

Meno scemo di Postal, ma ugualmente violento.
Non mi dispiacerebbe farci qualche partita, ogni tanto della violenza inutile ci sta bene.

Certo che pure loro eh, a venderlo con "il gioco della violenza gratuita", non esattamente una scelta vincente.

Non so voi, ma io dopo aver visto il trailer, non mi sogno neanche di comprarlo a 10cent in un bundle…

Dopo aver visto il trailer ho provato un odio profondo per sto gioco, è la prima volta che mi capita una cosa simile.  ;D

Polygon ha scritto quattro articoli in due giorni su Hatred, chi se lo sarebbe mai aspettato?


Headlines include:

The worst trailer of the year revels in slaughtering innocents

Epic Games distances itself from ultraviolent mass-murder game Hatred (update)

Shock culture is dead, making the Hatred trailer powerless and nearly comical

The man who made that Hatred trailer says the game is all about honesty

Now, I'm personally in agreement with pretty much everything Polygon has to say on the game: it's tacky, pathetic, and antiquated.

But is this too much coverage for a game that is intentionally trolling the gaming media? Is there another way that gamers who are disgusted by this game can express disapproval without providing so much free coverage?

There are so many deserving indie games out there, and it pains me to see this making headlines over legitimate devs struggling to make a splash in the market. The fact that this shock PR blitz has worked so successfully for Hatred I fear will only reinforce the efficacy of this boring angle for future tacky devs.

Vi ricordiamo che il publishamento di Hatred è previsto per il 2015.


mio al day1.
è molto più difficile, in italia, comprare armi automatiche, purtroppo.
devo trasferirmi negli usa.
ma poi per tornare in italia con l'arsenale avrei casini. insomma. maledetta burocrazia.

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