#RUMOUR: Metroid Prime 4 in sviluppo presso Bandai Namco Singapore, un nuovo Ridge Racer esclusiva Switch

it's riiiiiiidgeeee raaaaaaaaaceeeer!

Metroid Prime 4 in development at Bandai Namco Singapore, Ridge Racer 8 exclusive to Nintendo Switch - report - VG247

www.vg247.com It seems the mystery of the identity of Metroid Prime 4’s developer has been solved, and it brings with it other big news. Since the moment Nintendo dropped the big Metroid Prime 4 announcement at E3 last year, fans have not stopped asking the publisher to reveal who’s actually making the game. ...
lol per la citazione, quell'e3 rimarrà sempre nel mio cuore Dare dell' "unannounced shooter" a Metroid Prime 4 è sbagliato a certi livelli...
Ma infatti non ci credo neanche se lo vedo che Nintendo fa fare Metroid prime 4 ad uno studio di Singapore random di Namco

Yes, Bandai Namco is working on Metroid Prime 4

www.eurogamer.net Internet rumours this week pegged Bandai Namco as being the mystery studio behind Metroid Prime 4 - something multiple sources have now confirmed to Eurogam…

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